Linked Learning Convention 2016 | Content

Thank you for joining us at the Linked Learning Convention 2016 in San Diego, CA.
Below, you will find breakout session slide deck presentations and photos from the convention.

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Linked Learning 101: The basics to launch Linked Learning
Getting Started with Linked Learning and Surviving Initial Bumps in the Road

Highway to Linked Learning: mapping design, connections, intersections, and implementation for quality Linked Learning
But What about Instruction? Lessons from the field.
A Planning Process: Wall to Wall Academies
From Blinky Bugs to Water Filters: How we took Linked Learning to scale at one intermediate school
Let’s Share! The Puzzle Pieces
Leveraging UCCI to Design and Build Out Integrated Curriculum
Sustaining Success in Pathways
Linked Learning Opportunities for meeting Academic Content
Using the National Career Academy Curriculum Database for Curriculum Development
BRIDGING THE GAP: Taking Shared Responsibility for Student Success
Digital badges as teacher-driven professional development: An interactive Dialogue
Master Schedule Matters
Developing Teacher Leadership for College and Career Pathways
Preparing Counselors and Advisors for Linked Learning
Teacher Prep for Linked Learning Setting
Teachers and Linked Learning: What the Research Shows about Teaching on the Front Lines of Linked Learning
The Next Generation of School Personnel for Linked Learning
UCLA IMPACT: An Urban Teacher Residency Model for Linked Learning
Developing a District System of Support for Effective Master Schedule Practice
Proposal Writing & Resource Development 101

Transforming Transitions: How intersegmental collaboration can clear paths for college attainment and career achievement
Beyond the Job and into a Career
Improving Student Performance through Linked Learning and Classroom Data
Integrated Student Supports within Linked Learning Pathways
Road Mapping College and Career Readiness
Social Emotional Learning
Student Engagement & Support: What the Research Shows & Implications for the Future
Linked Learning & the Transition to College: Challenges and Opportunities
Solar Power Pathways to College and Career
Preparing Students for the Biotechnology Industry

Linking our Learning: Innovations in the Linked Learning field
Learning Through Environmental Innovation
Working Together At Scale: Creating Local and Regional Linked Learning Hubs
Equity and Impact of Linked learning for Students with Disabilities
A Community Approach to Work-Based Learning
Powerful Platform to Support Work-Based Learning
Developing Regional Work-Based Learning
Facilitating Internships through the Work Experience Program
Summer at City Hall -School Partnerships for Work-Based Learning Experiences
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Work-Based Learning Planning 101
Co-creating Virtual Work-Based Learning and the Next Generation STEAM Workforce
California Linked Learning District Initiative: Year 6 Evaluation Results and Implications

Flipping the Script on Partner Engagement: when employers take ownership of the engagement strategy
Engaging Employers & Fostering Champions into Action
It Takes a Village: Authentically Engaging Industry Partners in Preparing Our Students for College & Career Success
Managing the Talent Pipeline: A Supply Chain Approach
Partnering Across Industry Sectors – Large and Small

Hands-on Linked Learning Lab
Qualcomm’s Thinkabit Lab – Engaging Students through the Industry
Taking Work-Based Learning to the Next Level with LaunchPath