Linked learning jumpstarts health careers

DOWNLOAD VIDEO At a high school in Oakland, California, students learn how to deliver a baby and tie a tourniquet as part of an education philosophy that emphasizes real-world health issues and skills. The Life Academy of Health and Bioscience follows the model of “linked learning” to show students a practical extension of their education in

real-world STEM careers. Students at the school choose to study medicine, mental health or biotechnology and pursue that track until graduation. The model is one approach to raising graduation rates in Oakland, a city where only half of African-American and Latino students graduate from high school. Students of color are the majority at Life Academy and 91 percent have free or reduced lunch; it also has the second highest rate in the city of students who graduate to pursue four-year college degrees. The high school’s student-centered approach focuses lessons on collaboration and real-world application to students’ lives.