Regional Hubs of Excellence

Building and strengthening Linked Learning Regional Hubs of Excellence is part of the Linked Learning Field Vision to expand the scale of quality Linked Learning so that more young people in California have equitable access to this approach. The Linked Learning Regional Hub initiative is intended to test the efficacy of a regional model to accelerate scale of quality Linked Learning and achieve improved student outcomes.

With support from The James Irvine Foundation and many partners in the Linked Learning field, regional hubs are developing networks that are using Linked Learning as a strategy to increase rates of student success. Linked Learning pathways prepare students for college, career, and life by integrating four core components: 1) college preparatory academics 2) sequenced CTE courses, 3) work-based learning and 4) comprehensive support services for students.

The Linked Learning Regional Hubs of Excellence are: East Bay, Tulare-Kings, Long Beach, and San Bernardino. Each regional hub is building a network of diverse partners working collaboratively to increase the number of young people who graduate from high school college and career ready, attain a career-ready postsecondary certificate or degree, and enter a financially sustaining and personally relevant career.

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Infographic: Linked Learning Regional Hubs of Excellence