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Robert Curtis

Senior Director, Networks and Practice Development

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Robert Curtis, Ed.D. is the senior director for networks and practice development at the Linked Learning Alliance. Robert is a longtime leader in the Linked Learning movement having served in senior management roles at both Pivot Learning and ConnectEd: The National Center for College and Career where he helped drive systemic adoption of Linked Learning in school districts across California, Michigan, Massachusetts, and beyond.

Robert joined the Alliance from Pivot Learning, where he led the organization’s equity-focused work in school redesign and adult development as the vice president of education programs. While at Pivot, Robert developed a robust portfolio of “Beyond High School” resources in partnership with school districts across California based on the principles of Linked Learning. Before joining Pivot Learning, Robert served as the director of regional support and assistant director of teaching and learning for ConnectEd where he partnered with district, school and pathway leaders to develop strategies for the transformation of secondary education systems utilizing high-quality college and career pathways as drivers for continuous improvement.

Robert has deep experience working nationally with school, district, post-secondary, and workforce leaders building local capacity to transform educational systems and improve student outcomes. As senior director for networks and practice development, Robert leads the Alliance’s efforts to provide direct services and resources to schools and districts and oversees peer learning networks to expand Linked Learning capacity and quality nationwide.

Robert holds a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of California Santa Cruz, a Master of Arts in Science Education from Tufts University, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Gordon College.

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