Measure Progress

Monitor pathway student performance across a variety of indicators, and see how pathways students perform in comparison to their peers in traditional high school settings.

Validate Success

Be able to show the impact of the pathway experience on student readiness for college and career.

Reflect and Improve

Identify trends and opportunities to advance equitable success.

Academic, Social-Emotional, Work-Based Learning & Postsecondary Outcomes

Linked Learning Analytics inlcudes a range of academic metrics relevant to college and career pathways. Analytics is also integrating work-based learning data from LaunchPath, pathway quality data from Linked Learning Certfication, and college transition and success data from participating postsecondary institutions. Through a partnership with the CORE Data Collaborative, districts can complement this data with K-8, social-emotional, and school culture/climate indicators. This provides districts with a comprehensive, streamlined data solution for K-12 and beyond.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Multi-metric school and district data dashboards with benchmarked performance reporting.

Alignment with Existing Systems

The majority of data are consistent with those already being reported for state and federal accountability purposes.

FERPA Compliant

Linked Learning Analytics strictly adheres to federal and state data privacy regulations when handling district data. All data are stored on secure servers using industry best practices to protect confidential student information.

Linked Learning Certification

With Linked Learning Certification, pathways, schools and districts can obtain the recognition they deserve. Pathways work through three certification levels, each with high standards defined by top performers in the field. Each level unlocks a new set of benefits for pathway educators and students. In addition, districts get a window into their pathways, with data and analytics to inform their planning.