The Linked Learning Alliance is working closely with leaders across the state to expand college and career readiness for all students in California by helping to create and implement policy that advances the Linked Learning approach.

New policy opportunities to further develop California’s support system for Linked Learning continue to emerge. We will continue to watch out for and keep you informed of new bills as they are introduced. Proposed legislation with the potential to impact the field is included below, accompanied by a summary statement, showing how each piece of legislation would help advance Linked Learning, and a link to the entire bill.

Click here to jump to the State Law section for a full list of chaptered bills relevant to Linked Learning listed by year.

AB 770 (Irwin – D)
Authorizes a community college district to apply to the Chancellor for multiyear financial grants and professional development funding for the purposes of adopting or expanding evidence-based models of academic assessment and placement, remediation, and student supports. All funds must be appropriated by the legislature for this purpose.
Held in Senate Appropriations Committee

AB 889 (Chang – R)
With the recommendation of the principal, authorizes a student to take a community college course in a STEM subject if he or she has no other opportunities within the district.
Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee

AB 288 (Holden-D)
Authorizes a community college district and a local school district to enter into a College and Career Access Pathways partnership, which would allow specified High School students to take up to 15 units in relevant courses.
Signed by the Governor. Law goes into effect January 1, 2016

AB 916 (O’Donnell – D)
Appropriates $1,170,000 from the General Fund to the Department of Education for Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO). Funds can be used for youth leadership development, teacher training, maintaining affiliations with national CTE orgs and support services.
Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee

AB 1474 (Chavez – R)
If approved by the legislature, this bill would put on the November 2016 ballot the Community College Career Technical Education Bond Act. If voters approve the Act, it would authorize the state to sell up to $500 million in bonds to finance community college career technical education.
Two-year bill

SB 66 (Leyva – D)
This measure would extend the sunset on the Career Technical Education Pathways Program another three years, from 2015 to 2018. SB 66 is an “urgency measure” and requires a 2/3 vote to pass, afterwards it would take effect immediately.
Two-year bill

SB 148 (McGuire – D)
This measure would have appropriated $600,000,000 from the General Fund to the Superintendent for Career Technical Education programs, but was Gut and Amended into an unrelated bill.
Signed by Governor, but enacted version does not resemble original bill

SB 618 (Pavley – D)
Establishes a statewide educational apprenticeship grant program administered by the Department of Education. Funding would be allocated in state budget. Apprenticeship programs must be new, innovative for pupils, and provide clear pathways for gainful employment in emerging industries relevant to the local economy.
Held in Senate Appropriations Committee