David Chen, Data Visualization & Infographic Designer

David Chen David Chen is the Data Visualization and Infographic Designer at the Linked Learning Alliance. He is responsible for communicating concepts and numbers through visual means. Translation: David turns bullet points and spreadsheets into pictures that are a little easier to understand.

Born in Taichung, Taiwan and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, he studied history and political science at the University of B.C. He earned his master’s in journalism from Ryerson University and has worked at publications, radio and television stations in Taipei, Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. His current job, though, brings him back to his interest in education he developed during his undergrad, when he worked as a high school teaching assistant in Taiwan and produced a short documentary looking into the country’s academically-driven education system.

As a proud Canadian, he loves to ski, play ice hockey, and drink Tim Hortons coffee. He is also an avid photographer.