Council of Capacity Building Support Providers and Networks

To advance the Linked Learning field as it pertains to the K-12 experience, through work that supports and sustains district and county office capacity and coordination of Linked Learning, and reflects the roles of administrators, teachers, and support personnel in promoting student success through preparation for college, career, and civic life.

The purpose of this council is to develop and support coordination of a coalition of capacity
building support providers and networks that agree to uphold and support high quality Linked Learning implementation. This council will provide a forum for such a coalition to formally work together on field governance issues and coordinate to ensure that services that support for high quality Linked Learning implementation, including leadership development and strategic advising, meet the Linked Learning field needs at scale.

Scheduled Meetings
September 7th, 2017, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
November 8th, 2017, 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Linda Collins, Executive Director | Career Ladders Project (Chair)
Jeanne Fauci, Executive Director | Center for Powerful Public Schools (Vice-Chair)
Gary Hoachlander, President | ConnectEd
Theresa McEwen, Executive Director | College & Career Academy Support Network (CCASN)
Cynthia Bater, Program Administrator of LL/Career Pathways | Long Beach Unified School District
Cynthia Brown, Director of Student Pathways | Porterville Unified School District
Esther Soliman, Linked Learning Administrator | Los Angeles Unified School District
Gretchen Livesey, Director of Linked Learning | Oakland Unified School District
Akili Israel, Director | NAF California
Joel Vargas, Vice President, High School Through College | Jobs for the Future
Laura Cantu, Dean of Student Services | East Los Angeles College
Sam Aunai, Dean of Academic Affairs and Dean of Instruction | Porterville College
Sarah Fidelibus, Program Manager | UC Curriculum Integration
Corrine Martinez, Director | CSU Collaborative for the Advancement of Linked Learning
Laura Flaxman, Director of Strategic Projects and Innovation | Pivot Learning
Stephen Baiter, Executive Director | Oakland Workforce Development Board
Matt Perry, Assistant Superintendent, Sacramento County Office of Education
Cheryl Hibbeln, Executive Director of Secondary Schools, San Diego USD