Benefits Certification Unlocks

LL Certification provides recognition of your commitment to providing a quality educational experience that supports student success in college, career and life. Depending on the level a pathway achieves, a number of benefits are available:

  • Student eligibility for Linked Learning scholarships
  • A Linked Learning pathway recognition kit – including banners, a plaque and other ways to share your accomplishment and commitment to student success.
  • Press/media acknowledgments – to spread the word and bring more attention to your accomplishments in your community and beyond.
  • Access to the LaunchPath work-based learning matching and placement tool – to accelerate access to, and completion of, internships and other work-based learning experiences.
  • Access to Alliance communities of practice, governance bodies, and partner networks
  • Linked Learning Convention discounts

Additional pathway and student benefits already in development. The following are some examples:

  • Access to the Linked Learning ‘A-G’ Course List (expected Spring 2017)
  • Accelerated opportunities with postsecondary institutions (incl. CSU San Bernardino)
  • Hiring preferences for students with leading employers (via eligibility for NAFTrack Certified Hiring)
  • Dual certification or reciprocity with partnering pathway networks

Additional Features

Beyond recognition, the Linked Learning Certification has also been designed to provide a number of additional features to support pathways, schools, and districts to implement and improve Linked Learning pathways:

  • A digital binder – keep projects in one place for your team to access, review, and update.
  • A collaboration tool – a space to reflect as a team and note objectives, set a vision, and refer back to past activities as a baseline.
  • A pathway performance management system – keep track of work-based learning activities, the roles of external partners in supporting pathway activities, and more.
  • An accountability resource – to show your community and the state that you truly are preparing students for college and career (for LCAP purposes, grant reporting, etc.).

Coming soon

  • District dashboard – understand trends across pathways and identify professional development, coaching, and other support needs at scale.
  • Integration with Linked Learning Analytics – take your pathway to the next level by putting the unique data available through Linked Learning Certification in perspective with student outcomes.
  • Connections and recommendations for targeted technical assistance.